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Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Teams are made up of the combined personnel and resources of our 1,800+ franchises nationwide. No matter where a natural disaster strikes, our teams are mobilized and ready to provide emergency services in the affected areas. 

water damage in kitchen and office

We Take Care Of Disasters Great Or Small

From the smallest setback to the biggest catastrophe and everything in between: SERVPRO of Fresno Northeast / Shaver Lake is faster to every size disaster. Our technicians have the training, equipment, and expertise to take on situations of every size. Call us today at 559-797-4041. 

photo of mold on wall

Mold on baseboards due to water damage

The picture here shows what lies behind wet baseboards. This is a good example of why baseboards need to be removed. Often if there is a water damage that goes down the wall the baseboards become wet, we check this with a moisture reader, then we remove them so that mold does not form behind them. If this happens we remove the mold by cutting a foot or two up the wall and put dehumidifiers up towards the affected wall. Many people do not realize that its a very important step to remove the baseboards. We often need to drill holes into the wall at the bottom behind the baseboards to dry the inside of the wall. A small problem could become a really big one if the water drying process isn't done correctly. This is why we as trained professionals need to assess the situation and work accordingly. 

photo of containment

Containment in Bathroom

Levels of Mold

The amount of work and effort required for mold remediation is based upon how bad the area affected is. There are four levels into which mold contaminated areas are divided into and these levels dictate which method is to be used by the professionals on site. This picture indicates a level 3 as it becomes necessary to seal off ventilation grills and ducts prior to beginning work. The work area is sealed off and any contaminated items are sealed in plastic bags that are then disposed of.

Manager on the job

In the picture shown here our Operations Manager is spraying anti-microbial and anti-bacterial spray on an effected area that had water damage that led to mold. We always make sure the Operations Manager is on site to make sure everything is done to the highest of standards set for the water and mold restoration industry.

image of air movers in warehouse


Here at SERVPRO of Fresno Northeast/Shaver Lake we have the manpower, experience, and capacity to carefully hold homeowners' furniture and valuables and return it to them safely after a water, fire, or mold mitigation happens.